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Sales Order Processing (SOP)

The SOP Software is a Windows based desktop application. The SOP Head Office interface is designed to interact seamlessly with all the leading office accounting/stock control packages, such as:

•Sage L50, L100, MMS ,L200, L500
•Microsoft Dynamics NAV
•Access Accounting
•Pegasus Opera
•And many more...

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How It Works

1. Data generated from the ERP imports data into the SOP

2. SOP manipulates the data and prepares for the ROE or mSeller system

3. The sales team collect data from their mobile device

4. The sales team send their orders via a mobile (3G or 4G) or WIFI connection

5. The SOP processes, then sends the orders back to the ERP system.

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What Else Can SOP Do?

SOP is not just an order processor. Users can generate barcode labels, create product catalogues, view day end summaries, plus much more.

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ROE Order

The Computoy Remote Order Entry program (ROE) has been designed to take your orders faster and more accurately, to eliminate order-taking/processing errors and to give your reps the tools they need to maximise order taking with new and existing customers. The ROE program runs on any Windows Mobile device.

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ROE Features

•Same software at showroom, exhibition, client site or at home

•Ability to create Orders/Quotes/Proformas/Call logs

•Ability to mix Quotes and Orders in a single transaction

•Ability to mix delivery dates within a single transaction

•Order summary split for stock now and stock later

•Call management for rep visits to customers (including new prospect visits)

•Multi-currency sales

•Full invoice history and backorder details avaliable

•Real time product avaliability & stock situation

•Handheld profitability display and print per item and per order for authorised sales staff

•Margin/markup calculation based upon indicated sales price,per item and at order summary stage

•Retention of historial taken orders for 2-3 months on each handset for calculating business conducted

•Pallet qty analysis (calcualted if cbm provided) or held per product

•Mobile network based communication for sending orders

•Orders/Quotes can be sent to sales office immediately enabling faster dispatch thus faster repeats

•Re-ordering facilty, based upon historical customer sales

•Wireless or Bluetooth colour printing for printing confirmations and quotes on site

•Receive product alert list\promotional pricing\messages

•Product photo (with zoom) avaliable on screen

•Preloaded common order notes/ line notes and call notes for increased efficency

•Easy customer and product search facility

•Integral barcode scanninh reducing the time spent on entry order

•Multiple barcodes linking to one product- can be used to default to appropriate qty

•2 Product category levels per product

•Full listing of customer delivery addresses

•Display last price paid per product and customer

•Allows FOB sales and individualised customer quotations

•Eliminates PC keyboard entry of data

•Eradicates "wrong item" mistakes and illegible handwritten orders

•Easy order summary, including value, no. of units, ctns and cbm etc

•Minimum order quantities and prices can be automatically disciplined to conform to set levels

•Monitors sales to overdue accounts or bad credit risks

•Ability to seperate customers/product data by sales rep responsibility

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mSeller is a revolutionary mobile sales app for Apple iPad. This feature rich app contains all the tools imaginable to make selling in a mobile environment both easy and enjoyable for your sales force and customers.

mSeller boasts a beautiful, user-friendly interface, accentuating your company's product photos, with easy navigation and all the information required at your fingertips.

mSeller provides instant information for your sales force including customer aged debt analysis, historical sales and customer proximity on an interactive map.

mSeller has been designed to work offline, eliminating dependency on constant internet connectivity, allowing users to create and edit transactions in any environment. Transactions can be emailed or printed directly from the iPad device, with a range of acknowledgement types available.

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